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New York's Original 

Cannabis Delivery Service 

NYCDelivery42 is New York City's Original Cannabis Delivery Service for over 30 years. Now 24 hours a day 365 days a year. We offer a broad array of cannabis products like flowers, vape carts, gummies, concentrate, preroll, etc for delivery in NYC and nearby areas

NYCDelivery42 Website Cover-01.webp

New York's Original Cannabis Delivery Service

Delivery to Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, Long Island, and more!

For over 30 years, NYCDelivery42 has been a purveyor of the finest cannabis, procuring exclusive strains through a commitment to sourcing unique genetics and conducting thorough seed hunts. While our offerings are extensive, occasionally certain highly sought-after phenotypes may be temporarily unavailable upon release. To discover more about our exceptional selection, please visit our website at

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