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This super hydrator preps skin for the rest of your iCannBe regimen. With “liquid gold”, this fast-absorbing treatment delivers an instant rush of hydration to visibly soften, nourish, and improve texture.
This ultra-soft cream deeply replenishes for a beautifully glowing radiance. Skin looks naturally vibrant, restored to a healthier-looking center.

Get to know the Treatment Lotion inside and out.
CBD – a legendary “liquid gold” elixir that flows through iCannBe’s CBD Lotion – is sourced from Humboldt County’s Rio Dell, Ca. The home to a world-renowned supply of premium hemp.

From Humboldt-sourced hemp to proprietary complexes, discover what makes it iCannBe.

iCannBe’s proprietary “liquid gold” undergoes an exclusive technology where the molecular structure is broken down using ultrasonic waves to deliver vital ingredients to the skin more efficiently and effectively. Creating a delivery system that drives renewing, revitalizing, and hydrating activity deep within the skin’s surface.

In the pristine fields off of the City of Rio Dell, we hand-harvest the hemp in an effort to help support its sustainability for generations to come. One of the fastest-growing plants in the world, with exceptional self-regenerating powers, Humbold-Hemp is at the heart of the “liquid gold”.

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1000 Mg Cannabidiol (CBD) per 8oz bottle

500Mg Cannabidiol (CBD) per 4oz tub

250Mg Cannabidiol (CBD) per 2oz tub

CBD Lotion 8oz

  • Storage Recommendations: Store in a cool dry place and away from direct sunlight in a secure location. Always store upright when posible.

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