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Product Name: Screw-On By VVC Vapes


Product Type: Premium Cannabis Vaporizing 510 Cartridge


Description: Meet the new Screw-On By VVC Vapes, an enhanced and optimized heating technology expertly crafted to provide a premium sensory experience that will satisfy your cravings for authentic flavors, larger clouds, and maximum consistency. The best part about VVC Vapes' new Scew-On is that you can now enjoy your cannabis on the go without anything to worry about. makes the best cartridges in the vaping industry while keeping your safety, health, and best experience in mind. Try it today and experience the convenience of NYCDelivery42.


Key Features:

  • 906Mg per cartridge. 
  • 92% Distillate Base 
  • Universal 510 thread


Directions: Connect to any 510-thread battery. Gently inhale for 2–3 seconds or until the desired dosage is reached. (Battery sold separately)


Packaging: NYCDelivery42's clamshell blister packaging is a low-footprint packaging option for an environmentally influenced packaging agenda. They include a 1.0ml Cart with a Ceramic Mouthpiece to maintain freshness and lock flavor in. Tamper evident with four heat crimp sites.


Active Ingrediant; 906Mg Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol Super Critical Co2 Distilate (92% THC)


Terpine: 1.5% Cannabis Derived Terpine


Price:$50 for a Cannabis Screw-On Cartridge.


Additional Information: NYCDelivery42 has partnered with VVC Vapes to make this possible.

VVC Vapes 510 Cartridge

SKU: SDVC-1M-N1023
  • Storage Recommendations: Store in a cool dry place and away from direct sunlight in a secure location. Always store upright when posible.

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